Where to buy vegan food in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Europe. Many people come all over the world to visit. One of the most exciting aspects of any place, is the food! 

For all my vegan friends, if you visit Edinburgh or live there, this article is for you! It can be challenging to find places to eat and shop, so I have made a list of restaurants and stores.


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Source: Harmonium

Harmonium is a chic vegan restaurant with cocktails and beer for every occasion. You have a variety of burgers and pizzas to choose from that range from sweet and savoury. If you want to be classy, there are a few seafood options, such as mini Thai crab cakes. 

For a more classic meal, you can never go wrong with macaroni cheese or even a burger. All chips are hand-cut, and their sweets are perfect for any occasion. 

Harmonium is currently accepting reservations for its reopening on May 19, 2021. This restaurant and bar is a fascinating place for a night with friends. I wouldn’t recommend this as a kid-friendly place. They do have a kids menu but many adults will be in the environment. 

It is an excellent place for you and your mates to catch up.

Naked Bakery

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Source: Naked Bakery

If you plan on having an event anytime soon, Naked Bakery is a perfect place to splurge on some dessert. This place is not a restaurant, but they are a great bakery for any event. Their cakes are awe-inspiring that can range from elegant to colourful. 

All products are 100% vegan, and some can even be gluten-free. Naked Bakery gives people the chance to enjoy food that is cruelty-free and healthy for you! 

They have a variety of cakes and cupcakes for every holiday. You can even find a few macaron products and build a doughnut package. 

Naked bakery is more suitable for events, but we have plenty of other options you can stop by daily.

Holy Cow

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Source: Holy Cow

If you are looking for a juicy, mouth-watering burger, then Holy Cow is the perfect place for you. They offer a variety of burgers and sandwiches that will fill you up. They even have a few light lunch options with some soups and salads. 

Lastly, they have smoothies that will catch your eye. They have more than just your classic fruit and vegetable smoothie but also a Chocolate & Peanuts one that you don’t want to miss out on.

Breakfast, Brunch, and Lunch

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You can already tell that this cafe is perfect for your mornings and midday eating by the name. They offer an online shop that includes a vegan variety box and their classic chilli balls. 

Along with this online shop, Breakfast, Brunch, and Lunch have Scotland’s First Vegan deli. This deli is an awe-inspiring innovation and exciting to see!

Finally, you have your in-store menu that consists of your classic breakfast meals and baked Scottish potatoes. You will also find Italian paninis and handcrafted artisan burgers.

Easter Green

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Source: Easter Green

Easter green has 100% plant-based groceries that are life-saving. There are so many times that vegans have to constantly check a product to see if it is vegan before buying, which takes up time. 

With Easter Green, you can walk in with the comfort of knowing that everything is 100% vegan, so you no longer have to worry. You can shop in-store and online with next day delivery. 

Their products range from the pantry and fresh baked goods. You can get plenty of household needs, even for pets. Lastly, you can also find various kinds of milk and juices, so there is something for everyone. 

Easter green welcomes all customers, even nonvegans who are looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

Real Foods


Source: Real Foods

Natural foods have a lot more to offer. They ship 12,000+ products worldwide, and they are known for vegan, plant-based, and organic foods. You can find a lot of seeds and fruit for multiple meals. There are superfoods, snacks, and even recipes to find. 

Aside from food, you can also get house and baby products for a cruelty-free household.


Whether you are looking for groceries or a restaurant to stop by, we got you covered. Each place has its style of cooking and has you covered all your household needs. 

If you plan to make a meal from home, check out the different recipes that Plant Sumo offers you.


There are over 200+ places in Edinburgh that are vegan friendly. Although, David Bann Restaurant is the best place to buy vegan food in Edinburgh

There is plenty of vegan food in Edinburgh with over 200+ establishments.

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