Where to buy vegan food in Wales

Wales is a large area, so you will come across many restaurants and grocery stores. But are there places to buy vegan food?

Yes, I have made a list of restaurants and stores to buy vegan meals and products. There are places for any time of day and any occasion. 

Vegan Restaurants and Stores

Treehouse - Organic Food Store


Source: treehouse

The treehouse is an organic food store that offers over 3000+ products to purchase. You can purchase foods online and in-store, where you can see their wide selection of produce, nuts, and ingredients for fresh baked goods. 

They are an environmentally conscious location that minimises plastic use and reduces waste. This store is an inspiring place to shop to support local businesses by purchasing at the treehouse. 

Medina - Restaurant

Medina - Restaurant

Source: Medina

Medina is perfect for any occasion and any time of day. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. They even have a takeaway menu and offer afternoon tea. 

There is no shortage of options to choose from their menu. Medina is a place to visit multiple times to enjoy its variety of options. 

The Warren - Restaurant

The Warren - Restaurant

Source: The Warren

The Warren has a unique taste in drinks with their espresso martini and Gingerella. They offer soft drinks, wines, cocktails, and beer. This place is perfect for catching up with mates over a variety of vegan and vegetarian options. 

The Warren is known for a unique menu with not your average veggie meals. Every meal is cooked with love, and you can even enjoy a filling dessert. 

Baravin - Restaurant

Baravin - Restaurant

Source: Baravin

Here is another restaurant with a unique taste in food. The Baravin is known for pizza, pasta, and grills. At the Baravin, you will find one of the best sea views to sit at and enjoy your meal. 

Each week they have weekly specials for their cocktails that are specially made by the staff. If you are not a fan of cocktails, then you can pair your food up with one of their craft ales. 

They currently have nine beers to choose from that are chosen from small breweries worldwide. 

Vegan Goodies Wales - Grocery Store

If you are looking for a place to shop, here is another option for vegan groceries. You will fall in love with the selection once you walk inside. They only offer in-store shopping, but it is worth the visit. 

The culture inside is uplifting, and I doubt you will walk out empty-handed. 

Location: 30 High St, Llanfyllin SY22 5AQ, United Kingdom

Naturally kind food - Bakery

Naturally kind food

Lastly, we have this beautiful bakery that has brownies and cake bars in mouthwatering flavours. You will see many chocolate-based brownies with different toppings. 

For example, their fully loaded brownie has pretzels and many candies packed on top. If that is not your cup of tea, then they offer plenty of light topped treats that are perfect for birthdays and celebrations. 

How to Identify vegan meals at a Restaurant

Say you are going to a restaurant that is not established as vegan – which happens a lot if you have non-vegan friends. If you already know where you are going beforehand, I would suggest searching the menu online. 

When a meal is listed, the ingredients are typically listed below the name and the main ingredients. You can rule out a few options just by doing this, but you can make a quick call if you are still unsure about a few. 

You can either ask at the restaurant or call beforehand to ask if a meal is vegan. Not everyone might know if a meal is vegan or vegetarian, so the server might ask the cooks. 

By checking beforehand can ease anxiety upon your arrival. You can enjoy time with your company and not have to worry about your meal. 

Knowing your Limits

Every vegan is different, and it is a great idea to know your limits. If you are uncomfortable with places that display meat and smell like it, then that’s the first step of knowing what you are comfortable with. 

Once you identify your limits, it is easier to let friends and family know if they ever invite you to a place that you are uncomfortable with. 

It’s better to know beforehand because if you are ever in a place that makes you uncomfortable, it can cause a lot of anxiety. 

How to identify vegan products in grocery stores

If you are making a run to your grocery store that is not established as vegan, it might take a bit more time to identify products. 

It may take a few trips to identify which brands are vegan, which is time-consuming, but your trips will get faster. 

If a store is minimal on products and you don’t have time to drive anywhere, I would suggest finding online delivery stores. Many stores have next-day delivery, saving you time on your trip to the store and trying to identify vegan products. 


Hopefully, you found this list helpful! There are plenty of vegan restaurants and stores in whales that are too many to count. Hopefully, you found a few places for you, and you can always check out Plant Sumo to send you a vegan meal. 

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