Top 5 Vegan Bakeries In Edinburgh, Scotland

Visting the wonderful and historic Edinburgh? Or maybe you live in the great city already. 

Either way, you’ll want to know about the fantastic vegan bakeries in Edinburgh!

After a tiring day climbing the famous Arthur’s Seat or walking up the MANY stairs required to get anywhere in the city – you’ll certainly deserve a vegan treat afterwards.

If you’re more interested in Edinburgh’s restaurants, we’ve got you covered! Check out our guide to the best vegan Edinburgh restaurants here.

1. Naked Bakery, Hill Street

Naked Bakery, Hill Street

This naughty but nice vegan and gluten-free bakery is located in Edinburgh’s New Town, which is very easily accessible for tourists because it is right in the center.

However, this vegan bakery in Edinburgh is much more than its convenient location.

ALL of their totally delicious products are 100% vegan, and most of them are gluten-free (or can be made gluten-free upon request!)

Naked bakery is a GREAT OPTION if you are looking for vegan celebration cakes, cupcakes, macaroons, and cookies. 

Still, if you don’t need a ‘full on’ vegan cake, you can always drop by for their cafe for an indulgent plate of stunning pink waffles or even a vegan croissant! 

Just pop into Naked Bakery for a scrumptious vegan dessert!

Are your taste buds calling for some Vegan cookies?

2. Missy’s Vegan Cupcakes, Newington

Missy’s Vegan Cupcakes, Newington

Missy’s Vegan Cupcakes is one of the best-loved vegan bakeries in Edinburgh (you can tell by it what sets Missy’s five-star rating). 

Missy’s does SO MUCH MORE than the name would suggest – I’m talking vegan cookies, vegan sweet potato blondies, vegan crumble, and vegan tiffin!

What sets Missy apart from the other vegan bakeries is that they offer takeaway cakes and baked gifts from their Etsy shop! You can order a tasty box of vegan cookies, a varied selection of vegan traybakes, and more!

If you know anyone with a birthday coming up, why not send them some vegan baked goods right to their door? (Or just send them to yourself, tbh.)

However, it’s certainly worth giving their Buccleuch street location a visit. Not only can you buy their beautiful vegan baked goods, but you can also browse and buy products from local artists like earrings!

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3. Bibi’s Bakery, Hanover Street

Bibi’s Bakery, Hanover Street

Source: Bibi’s Bakery

Number three on our list of the best vegan bakeries in Edinburgh is Bibi’s, a bakery that has been offering gluten-free and vegan bakes since back in 2010!

Located in a beautiful old-fashioned building with a regal staircase that will make you feel like royalty, Bibi’s offers everything from cupcake bouquets to full-on wedding cakes!

However, it’s important to note that Bibi’s isn’t a dedicated vegan bakery, so you need to make sure that you see the word ‘vegan’ in the title of whatever you are ordering. For example, their vegan chocolate cupcakes!

For a quick, indulgent treat, you can find them on Deliveroo or Ubereats and choose from a classic selection of flavours like velvety chocolate or light vanilla.

If you are looking for a beautifully decorated selection of vegan cupcakes, then Bibi’s is the place to BE (please read this as a pun, haha).

4. Considerit, Newington

Considerit, Newington

Coming in hot at number four on our list of the top 5 best vegan bakeries in Edinburgh is Considerit. 

Considerit does three simple things, but it does them really well. 

Artisan chocolate, doughnuts and ice cream. Oh, and they are all vegan. (Now that’s what I am talking about!).

A few of their extravagant and unforgettable flavours include mini eggs and white chocolate, chocolate oreo, and even an inside-out cream egg (which is some kind of luxurious combination of chocolate ganache and fondant icing).

On the hunt for plant-based indulgent doughnuts? Consider it done.

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5. Black Rabbit, Brougham Street

Black Rabbit

Last on our list of vegan bakeries in Edinburgh is Black Rabbit, a much-loved vegan deli and coffee shop that offers sandwiches and breakfast rolls as well as cakes and pastries. 

It’s like they say, they offer much more than just ‘rabbit food.”

If you’re a fellow baker, you’ll know that pastry is one of the hardest things to perfect. That’s why it’s especially impressive when someone does a perfect pastry, and it’s vegan! 

Black Rabbit makes it look easy with their large selection of “sausage” rolls, croissants, and cruffins (which I’m pretty sure are croissant-muffins).

Want some Sausage Rolls at home? Here you go;

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Here are popular places to find vegan cakes in Edinburgh:

  • Bibi’s Bakery
  • Glutteny
  • Black Rabbit

Here are places you can find vegan desserts in Edinburgh:

  • Considerit
  • Black Rabbit
  • Seeds for the Soul

Here are some vegan bakeries in Edinburgh:

  • Naked Bakery
  • Missy’s
  • Sugar Daddy’s Bakery

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