Top 5 Vegan Bakeries In Manchester

In our never-ending quest to discover the best vegan food across the UK, we’re going back up north to find the top 5 vegan bakeries in Manchester!

So, if you’re interested in sweet, ethical and plant-based baked goods in Manchester, look no further.

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1. Ice Shack, Withington

Ice Shack, Withington

Coming in at number 1 on a list of the top 5 vegan bakeries in Manchester is Ice Shack. 

It’s surprisingly hard to find vegan ice cream in a lot of places (and I mean ice cream, not sorbet), but Ice Shack is FULL of it. 

Want to make your own Vegan ice cream?

Aside from a BIG range of non-dairy ice cream, you can find truffles, cookies, waffles, cakes, homemade chocolate bars and “milk” shakes at Ice Shack

In all my time working in vegan food, I’ve never seen a vegan bakery offering such original products.

Product Range: I’m practically tearing up at how many ice cream flavours I could choose from at Ice Shack. There is a whopping 23 ice cream flavours, including Mocha, Caramel Cookies and Earl Grey (there are even more sorbet, chocolate bar and truffle flavours!). 

You can also enjoy their HUGE range of cake, cookie and truffle flavours—10/10 for options.

Prices: £ – With cookies and waffles being just £1.25- £2 a pop, you can certainly enjoy a vegan treat at Ice Shack if you’re on a budget!

You can also enjoy your homemade waffle, scroll down:

2. The Black Cat Cakery, Ardwick

The Black Cat Cakery, Ardwick

The Black Cat Cakery makes vegan cakes simple and good

Each cake is handmade to order, and ingredients are ethically sourced. If you’ve got a celebration that requires a vegan cake, the Black Cat Cakery can cater to your every need, including additional dietary requirements such as gluten-free or free refined cane sugar-free.

Product Range: With a whopping 20+ flavours of cake and brownie on their menu, they are doing very well in offering a wide range of cakes. There are so many I simply can’t list them all here!

Some of the nicest sounding cakes (according to me lol) are: 

  • Coffee Cake with Maple icing & Pecans,
  • Carrot & Ginger Cake with Ginger icing Sprinkled with Walnuts & Cinnamon
  • A giant slab of Vegan Chocolate Chip Brownies.

Prices: ££ – Each cake is 10 inches round and handmade, so it’s hardly surprising that their products cost around £35. This is a lot cheaper than UK chains that offer custom 10-inch cakes, which can be £45++, so you’re getting a really good deal.

You can buy Vegan Chocolate from here:

3. Tea Time Collective, Hulme

Tea Time Collective, Hulme

Established in 2013, number 3 on our list of the top 5 vegan bakeries in Manchester is Tea Time Collective.

Aside from offering custom vegan cakes, they also offer delicious vegan doughnuts! There really is something for everyone in Manchester.

Product Range: It’s another whopper guys! Their menu offers 28 flavours of cake, 7 tray bakes and 11 kinds of doughnut. Gin and Tonic with Lime is one of their most unique cake flavours!

Prices: £-££ Depending on what you order, you can spend £3 or £40 at tea time collective. A single doughnut is £3, whereas a 9-inch cake costs £40.

4. Idle Hands, Northern Quarter

Idle Hands, Northern Quarter

Okay, so I know Idle Hands is a coffee shop, but they sell so many amazing vegan bakes I felt I had to include them on our list of the top 5 vegan bakeries in Manchester!

Idle Hands offers the people of Manchester fresh pies, brunch, natural wine and craft beer (as well as a bunch of vegan treats!)

Product Range: Naturally, there are fewer vegan products on the menu at Idle Hands compared with a dedicated vegan bakery, but there is still lots to choose from, including their vegan cherry pie and vegan salted caramel pie (I want both, lol).

Prices: £-££ Brunch a coffee won’t set you back more than £15 at Idle Hands, a slice of pie is even less!

You might like this product:

5. Pieminister, Northern Quarter

Pieminister, Northern Quarter

Pieminster is the outrageously successful pie shop seeking to re-energise the classic savoury British pie and bring it to consumers all over the nation (including Manchester!).

One of the great things about Pieminster’s plant-based pies is that Pieminister donates towards planting more trees when you buy a vegan pie! 

Product Range: There is a healthy menu of around 9 delicious vegan options to choose from, including their ‘Evergreen’ veggie-packed pie and an Indian inspired chickpea, spinach and sweet potato curry patty.

Prices: £ –  Pieminster is super affordable, with pies costing just £5.75 and patties costing only £2.50!

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Here are some popular vegan bakeries in Manchester.

  • Ice Shack
  • The Black Cat Cakery
  • Tea Time Collective
  • Idle Hands
  • Pieminister

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