10 BEST Vegan restaurants In Manchester - Vegan Eats you'll love

Manchester is a city in England that does not have a shortage of vegan restaurants. You can find vegan places anywhere from cafes, pubs, and fast food. 

You can enter the top vegan restaurants in Manchester to find all the places RATED ABOVE 4.0/5.0 for more options!

Feed your soul with these top 5 vegan restaurants in Manchester!

Best Vegan Eats

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Are you a vegan on the hunt for delicious bites in Manchester?

You may already know this, but I’m going to say it for everyone else:

Manchester is a hot spot for vegan cuisine!

There are plenty of restaurants in the area with a wide variety of tastes, and a diversity of cultures. 

From pizza to Indian cuisine, Manchester just about has it all. Not to mention the most deliciously sweet baked goods. I’m drooling already.

Still don’t know where to buy vegan food? Don’t fret!

Here’s a list of the 10 best vegan restaurants in Manchester.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Manchester

1. Burgers and Shakes

Burgers and Shakes

Source: V Rev Diner

You don’t want to miss out on these American classics with a twist!

These burgers and shakes from the V Rev Diner in Manchester are so deceptively vegan, that even an outsider wouldn’t suspect a thing. 

V Rev Diner is proud of its 100% vegan cuisine, efforts to eliminate products that are tested on animals, and its stance against racism, sexism, homophobia, and anything discriminatory.

2. Vegan Meal Delivery Subscription

Vegan Meal Delivery Subscription

Source: Plant Sumo

Do you want fresh vegan food delivered to your door? Plant Sumo is the best vegan subscription meal box in the UK. 

They offer different levels of their vegan subscription boxes, including 3 meals, 5 meals, and 7 meal options. 

Plant Sumo’s packaging is recyclable, compostable, and reusable, so you don’t have to worry about contributing to the planet’s heaping garbage pile. 

Plant Sumo’s menu is packed with delicious plant-based recipes inspired by cuisine from all over the world, so it’s safe to say that you will never get bored.

It’s also quite convenient to not have to leave your home for restaurant-quality food on busy (or lazy) days.

3. Street Food

Street Food

Are you tired of missing out on street food? 

Grub is the best weekly vegan street food event in Manchester. A diverse group of vegan street food vendors joins together each week to celebrate their love of plant-based food. 

You can find anything from delicious vegan Sri Lankan bites to juicy meat-free burgers here. 

What’s more is that when you come to this event, you will be surrounded by vegan food fanatics. How much better can it get?

4. Best Indian Cuisine


Source: Mowgli

If you’re dreaming of authentic Indian cuisine, look no further. Mowgli is the best place in Manchester for vegan Indian cuisine. 

Mowgli is known for its delicious eats, vibrant spice and herb choices, and lively atmosphere. 

This restaurant is not designed to be quiet and cozy but rather emphasizes the bright cultural atmosphere that Indian cuisine is normally featured in. Their guests always leave feeling refreshed and enlivened.

5. Order Pizza To-Go

Order Pizza To Go

Crazy Pedro’s is one of the best pizza places in Manchester! 

Crazy Pedro’s is known for their, well, crazy pizza combinations! They have vegan pizza options available as well.

The environment at this restaurant is very relaxed, and it’s most similar to a bar. 

You walk up to the bar to order your pizza and drinks. When the pizza is ready, they will call your name. 

Crazy Pedro’s also offers takeout and delivery services.

6. Fresh Pasta

Fresh Pasta

The Pasta Factory in Manchester is one of the best places to get your authentic Italian pasta fix. 

They offer vegan options, including vegan dessert (a must-have). 

When you eat at the Pasta Factory, you are truly getting a hand-crafted meal. All of their pasta is handmade with love. 

7. The Fine-Dining Experience

The Fine-Dining Experience

Are you looking for a more intimate fine-dining experience? 

Allotment Vegan Eatery in Manchester is the best place for sophisticated vegan dining. 

They have both small and large vegan plates available, including their savory miso maple mushrooms and their delicious buddha bowl. 

This restaurant is absolutely worth a visit.

8. Vietnamese Cafe

Vietnamese Cafe

Source: Pho Cafe

Hands down, this is the best cafe for vegan Vietnamese cuisine in Manchester.

Pho Cafe has such a large selection of vegan entrees and desserts that there is a separate section on their menu for these plant-based items.

Pho Cafe also has plenty of drink options, including Vietnamese coffee, tea, cocktails, and more.

9. Sushi


Did you know that sushi can be vegan too?

Yo! is one of the best sushi and Japanese restaurants in Manchester. 

While most of its sushi is not vegan, Yo! does offer a few delicious vegan options, such as the Yasai Roll shown above, the Yasai Temaki, and Avocado Maki. These meals are packed with veggie goodness.

Plus, what’s more satisfying than popping bite-sized sushi pieces in your mouth?

10. Cakes, Tea, and Coffee

Cakes Tea And Coffee

Sugar Junction has the best coffee, tea, and vegan cakes around.

They have vegetarian entree options and some vegan options too, including their to-die-for Vegan breakfast.

They serve everything using vintage dishes and China tea sets. 


This list of the best vegan food in Manchester is sure to bring you plenty of wonderful new experiences and memories.

What are you waiting for? Go on and try these awesome spots!