Which Quorn Products Are Vegan

Back in 1985, vegetarians rejoiced at the introduction of Quorn, a mock-meat product made from mycoprotein, which is derived from Fusarium venenatum.

Soon enough, we had Quorn sausages, Quorn mince and Quorn chicken (Yay!).

But, when consumers asked ‘which Quorn products are vegan?’ the answer was none (Cry).

Cut to 2015, Quorn rolled out a whole new quorn vegan range! So now, there are lots of Quorn foods suitable for vegans, you just need to know which one’s they are! 

Here’s a breakdown of Quorn’s vegan meat replacement products!

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1. Quorn Vegan Ultimate Burger

Quorn Vegan Ultimate Burger

Everyone loves a burger. They are the ultimate comfort food and are great in both the winter and summer. 

Thankfully, Quorn has helped to ensure that vegans the world over can enjoy burgers! Just keep them in your freezer and cook them in less than 20 minutes in a frying pan or even on the BBQ!

This product is mainly made from wheat-based proteins, but it also contains Quorn’s signature mycoproteins. 

Quorn Burgers Meal Idea

Why not caramelise some onions, buy some strong cheddar vegan cheese and pickles to make your own sumptuous burger with the Quorn ultimate burger? (Switch the bread out for lettuce for a low-carb option!)

2. Quorn Vegan Peri-Peri Strips

Quorn Vegan Peri-Peri Strips

Fancy a fiery “chicken” wrap or sandwich? Mycoprotein based Quorn Peri-Peri strips are an AMAZING vegan Quorn product that works well for making convenience foods like sandwiches because they are stored in the fridge and cook quickly. 

This means no preheating the oven! The ONLY thing you need to do is fry it for 3 minutes on the hob. What could be simpler?

Quorn Peri-Peri Strips Meal Idea

Summertime calls for a refreshing salad. Try a peppery base of rocket, mixed chopped veggies, followed by Quorn peri-peri strips topped off with a zingy citrus salad dressing and pomegranate seeds for a sweet and juicy touch!

3. Quorn Vegan Roarsomes

Quorn Vegan Roarsomes

Let’s be honest; it doesn’t matter how old you are – animal-shaped foods are always fun!

These dino-themed nuggets are no exception. (They are Quorn’s answer to Turkey Dinosaurs!).

They are high in fibre, and since they are mostly made of mycoprotein, they are also high in protein (and low in saturated fat), so they aren’t too hard on the ol’ hips.

Since they take less than 20 minutes to cook in the oven – they are the perfect option for a quick meat-free midweek dinner!

Quorn Roarsomes Meal Idea

Quorn nuggets don’t need to be eaten plain or with ketchup! Why not spruce them up with a honey and garlic glaze?

4. Quorn Vegan Fishless Scampi

Quorn Vegan Fishless Scampi

It’s not often you see vegan fish replacements, right!? Well, Quorn has certainly nailed it with this 4-star rated vegan version of scampi!

Another fabulous feature of the Quorn scampi is that it is soy-free! It’s often tough to find soy-free vegan meat replacement products because the meat replacement is often made from tofu, so this is a great find for any of our soy-free friends out there!

One of my favourite things about scampi is that it can be enjoyed as a snack or part of a whole meal!

Quorn Vegan Fishless Scampi Meal Idea

You’ve heard of the famous fish finger sandwich…but it’s time to bring on the scampi sandwich! Take two doorstop slices of bread, vegan tartar sauce, some tomato salsa and spread it on each slice of bread before sandwiching your freshly cooked scampi in between!

5. Quorn Vegan Spicy Tortilla Escalopes

Even though soy meat is not real meat, it is packed with plenty of vegetable protein.

According to Optimum Nutrition, a serving of 100 grams of soy meat has about 49 grams of protein. That’s a lot!

Quorn Vegan Spicy Tortilla Escalopes

They imitate chicken or pork fillets covered in breadcrumbs, so there are very versatile and can be enjoyed as a meal with vegetables and potatoes. These vegan escalopes are soy-free, high in fibre and low in saturated fat. 

The spiced and breaded coating really makes all the difference to these escalopes!

Quorn Tortilla Escalopes Meal Idea

Since this Quorn product is inspired by Mexican cooking, I think it makes sense to use it in a modified burrito or fajita! It would go great with a zingy salsa or a mango slaw to give it a fruity twist!

Overall, there is a plethora of vegan Quorn products, so next time you are wondering “which Quorn products are vegan?” you’ll know that there is a significant and seemingly ever-expanding range to choose from.

Many of these Quorn products can be kept frozen, so they are very convenient and make good mid-week meals.

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Yes, Quorn does serve vegan products such as meatless spicy patties and fillets.

There are vegan Quorn products that are meatless and still taste delicious. 

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