Exercise Better Portion Control With Our Meal Prep Service In Glasgow


Are you guilty of overeating? Is it starting to weigh you down- literally and figuratively?

If yes, then you have to consider switching to meal prep to build a better and healthier eating habit. 

Eating large portions of food not only affects our physical health, but it takes a hit on our mental health as well. 

When we overeat, we start to feel sluggish. Our movements become slow until eventually all we want to do is lie down and rest. 

This can affect our day-to-day life. We become less productive resulting in fewer body movements. This and constant overeating can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. 

And if you realize this now, then you should start transitioning to a better eating habit to avoid unwanted diseases in the near future. 

But it’s easier said than done, isn’t it? 

After all, there may be several underlying reasons why a person overindulges. 

Eating can be a form of outlet. Some turn to it when they’re happy or upset or stressed or overexcited. 

Some just really enjoy the company of food. 

In Glasgow, that’s not a surprising reason, considering the number of excellent restaurants in the city like Eighty-Eight, Bucks Bar and Halloumi. 

Just a whiff of the smell of food in these places would certainly make you want to order more. 

But regardless of how good the food can be, we should always consider how it would affect our bodies. 

One way to practice cutting down on food portions is by doing meal prep

Let us tell you how.

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Broccoli rabe

What is the concept of meal prep?

Meal prep refers to the practice of preparing entire meals or dishes ahead of time. It allows you to eat your favourite foods while keeping track of portion sizes so you don’t overeat.

Meal preparation ensures that you have nutritious food on hand and may help you avoid overconsuming food or making poor decisions due to hunger. 

Our daily eating choices will have a long-term impact on our bodies, therefore it’s critical to keep track and make healthier changes as early as now.

There are several ways in how a meal prep is done. The ones listed below are the most common ways of practising meal preparation. 

  • Preparing all the ingredients and storing them in portions required for one dish. 
  • Large batch cooking where a dish is cooked in a large quantity and packed in smaller portions. 
  • Make use of one main ingredient and make it into different dishes. 
  • Dedicate one day in a week to cook all meals allotted for the entirety of the week and then prep-pack them for a grab-and-go meal.

Regardless of which one you may find that suits your lifestyle the best, meal prep is indeed an amazing way to keep track of what you eat and at the same time, you can save so much time and energy. 

However, you have to have a high level of dedication when it comes to meal preparation. Because just as much as it promotes less time in the kitchen, it will still require certain days of the week for you to do them. 

So what if you can’t commit and you don’t have the time at all? 

Well, you don’t have to worry because nowadays, there’s a quick fix for that and it is called meal prep service.

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How does meal prep service in Glasgow help in portion control?

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If you’re interested in meal prep but lacking the time and knowledge on how to do it, then taking advantage of a meal prep service can be just the perfect solution for you. 

Essentially, you will be hiring professionals to do all the meal preparation and cooking for you. 

Think of all the best vegan restaurants in Glasgow, like The Glasvegan and Puti Vegan Cafe. 

Meal prep service allows you to have weekly scheduled meals that can compare to these restaurant dishes but with more friendly prices. 

It is a subscription service wherein you will be provided with a menu and you can make a selection for what you want to have for the week. 

These meal boxes will then be delivered to you. A very handy and convenient solution, right? 


Adding extra calories to your diet can cause you to gain weight. 

To avoid storing those extra calories as fat, we can exercise portion control to ensure that we only consume what our bodies require.

These meal packs include labels that list the number of vitamins and calories in each serving, making them completely visible to everyone who consumes them.

Having pre-prepared meals on hand can help you stick to your nutrition objectives by reducing portion sizes.

With meal prep service, you can absolutely be sure that you will not go over the supposed number of calories you need to stay fit and healthy. 

And the best thing about these pre-packed goodies is that they’re always ready to be consumed. 

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What does Plant Sumo offer? 

Here in Plant Sumo, we love what we do because we get to help our consumers stay healthy while still keeping them satiated!

Our globally-inspired menu will undoubtedly transport you to new places, and we do it because we want every meal to be an exciting experience for our clients.

And we don’t stop there; our commitment to your overall health is evident in the fact that we’ve hired an in-house nutritionist to ensure that each meal is well-balanced.

All of our meals are carefully crafted by our expert chefs directly in the heart of our kitchen using only the finest and freshest ingredients, just as you order them– so you can be rest assured that your food will always be delivered fresh off our pans. 

You can’t go wrong with us, so why not contact us today to place your orders?


Expect a 24-48-hour wait for us to execute your order and prepare the freshest, most delectable ensemble and have it delivered to your destination.

We recommend that the food be used within three days, assuming that it is stored appropriately. This is to ensure that the flavour and freshness of the product is preserved.

If you wish to order for the entire week, we recommend scheduling delivery for the beginning and middle of the week.

The breakdown of calories and nutrients present in the dish is usually labelled on the meal box by most meal prep services. This will assist you in keeping track of what you consume.

Portion control is an element of the clean eating approach for managing your food intake, and it can help you lose weight and keep it off.

By not overburdening your digestive system with food at every meal, you can optimize your digestion. You’ll have less stomach ache and cramps, and you’ll lose weight, not only because your portions will be less, but also because your digestive system will work better.

Ours are created in a budget-friendly manner! 

We want to help you stay fit and eat healthy at the best prices. Our one-off meal box begins at £9.50, while our weekly meal subscription begins at £8.80.  Without a doubt, this is a fantastic value!